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Complete Healthcare For Women in every life stage.

Expertise in Midlife, Menopause & Sexual Health

We want to do better for women’s health. We believe that too many women suffer the symptoms of midlife and menopause unnecessarily. Body changes in this stage of life can be confusing and women deserve to know why they are having symptoms, what can be done to help, and which options for treatment are safe and medically proven.

If you’ve ever thought, “I just don’t feel like myself,” we understand and have solutions that can get you back to feeling like yourself again. All women deserve to age without preventable illness and without symptoms that don’t make sense. Empower yourself with knowledge for the midlife journey with true. Women’s Health™.

A Personalized Care Model

true.’s high-touch and personalized approach to healthcare addresses each woman’s individual needs, backed by evidence-based research, all in a spa-like facility. true. educates women and provides a total wellness experience while driving prevention, individualized goal setting, and health planning.

true. Women’s Health offers membership levels of access. Members pay a monthly membership fee and clinical services are billed to health insurance plans. We participate with most major health insurance companies. true. also offers one-time visits for women 25 and younger, 65 and older, as well as a one-time visit for cancer survivors.

Patients At true. Can Expect

  • Longer more engaging appointments – we want to know you
  • Better provider access and responsiveness
  • Support by a team of professionals aligned with your needs
  • Unique health score and assessment using true.’s proprietary ground-breaking science
  • To map a highly-personalized wellness plan–built with you and for you
  • 24/7 access to ground-breaking tools, the true. app, other education and resources
  • To chat and text with your true. team
  • To schedule telehealth visits on your schedule
  • A partner for life in your wellness journey


  • Preventive Care and Wellness Screenings
  • Menopause and FDA approved Hormone Medication
  • Sexual Health and Painful Sex
  • Cancer Wellness
  • Mona Lisa Touch® laser therapy
  • Diet & Nutrition Consultation
  • Psychological Support
  • Both virtual and in-person visits
  • Mobile App, 24/7 Access

Ready to discover your true. self again and become a patient?

true. Weight Journey

Personalized, Guilt-Free, Weight Loss.

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