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About Us

Healthy aging is possible.

We want to do better for women’s health. We believe that too many women suffer the symptoms of midlife and menopause unnecessarily. Body changes in this stage of life can be confusing and women deserve to know why they are having symptoms, what can be done to help, and which options for treatment are safe and medically proven.

If you’ve ever thought, “I just don’t feel like myself,” we understand and have solutions that can get you back to feeling like yourself again. All women deserve to age without preventable illness and without symptoms that don’t make sense. Empower yourself with knowledge for the midlife journey with true. Women’s Health™.

A Personalized Care Model
Designed to allow a slower-paced, more personalized environment and the highest quality care, true.‘s personalized concierge care model supports the optimal health for each patient. Our providers can address all of your midlife, menopause and sexual health questions as well as offer wellness evaluations and a personalized Life Action Plan. You can expect your provider’s undivided attention, superior preventive care, and detailed midlife, menopause and sexual wellness education.

Your Health, Your Choice
We offer two levels of service depending on how much contact and wellness guidance you desire. Both programs allow us to offer comprehensive world-class care including an annual physical, basic wellness assessment, treatment of menopause symptoms, and guidance with how to reach your goals. Whichever program you choose, our focus remains on you, your goals, and your health.

Ready to discover your true. self again and become a patient?