Allyn Lebster

Visionary Leader & Healthcare Executive

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder


Meet Allyn Lebster, a dynamic leader at the helm of true. Women’s Health®, driving innovation and excellence in women’s healthcare. With over two decades of experience in healthcare management and strategic leadership, Allyn brings a wealth of expertise to her role as CEO. A seasoned attorney with a passion for human resources and team development, she is dedicated to fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment at true. Under her guidance, the clinic has flourished as a beacon of excellence in women’s wellness, delivering personalized care and groundbreaking solutions to women.

Before her role as CEO at true., Allyn was formerly the Chief Operating Officer of mmpc, a large multi-specialty physician practice, and a Vice President at Spectrum Health. Allyn received her law degree from Thomas M Cooley Law School and her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia. Allyn lives in Cascade with her husband and three children.

Allyn is available as a subject matter expert to give presentations and keynote talks.