Dr. Bitner on Fox 17: Healthy Communities are Built on Equal Mental Health Support

equal mental health support for all genders

This week on Fox 17, Dr. Bitner discusses the importance of mental health support for both men and women. Our health is often impacted by those around us. She emphasizes that truly healthy communities can only be created through equal access to mental health support and the normalization of conditions, including anxiety and depression. Fact […]

Dr. Bitner on Fox 17: Mental Health and Hormones

mental health and hormones discussion with true. women's health.

During Women’s Health Month, it is important to discuss the connection between mental health and hormones. Mental health can be thought of as a spectrum involving mood and the ability to cope. Women are more likely to experience mental health conditions like anxiety and depression as compared to men, and the type of birth control […]

Let’s Chat: Your Care Team at true.

your care team at true women's health. image of Dr. Bitner, Dr. Egan, and PA Susanne

Women make up more than half of the U.S. population, yet their unique medical needs are frequently ignored. Factors like gender bias, race, and inequality in medical research are partly to blame. But most medical schools and residency programs also don’t teach aspiring physicians about menopause, leaving women who are experiencing symptoms untreated. As a […]

Dr. Bitner on Fox 17: Women’s Health Month

May is women's health month. image shows women running along a pier

May is Women’s Health Month, and this week on Fox 17, Dr. Bitner discusses women’s health and healthy aging in the United States. She recently traveled through Norway and was blown away by how fit people appeared to be there. Difficult hikes were completed with ease by locals. This apparent cultural difference was emphasized when […]

Dr. Bitner on Fox 17: Diversity in Menopause

diversity in menopause

This week on Fox 17, Dr. Bitner discusses Diversity in Menopause. Menopause can have a big impact on a woman’s long-term health, and outside factors such as genetics and race can also play a role in menopause. Fact #1: Up to 80% of midlife women experience vasomotor symptoms (such as hot flashes and night sweats) […]

Dr. Bitner on Fox 17: Infertility Awareness Week

Infertility Awareness Month

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week, a time designated to raise greater awareness, improve medical care access, and provide community support for those experiencing infertility. Infertility is an extremely common struggle. One in five women between the ages of 15 – 49 are unable to get pregnant after 12 months of trying to conceive. […]

Dr. Bitner on Fox 17: IBS Awareness Month

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Understanding Gut Health for IBS Awareness Month This week on Fox 17, Dr. Bitner joins Tessa DiTirro to discuss Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It is the most common functional gut issue, affecting 10-15% of people worldwide, and two-thirds of the people affected are women. Listen in to their conversation and learn more about why IBS […]

Dr. Bitner on Fox 17: Alcohol Awareness Month

intentionality with alcohol consumption during Alcohol Awareness Month on Fox 17 with Dr. Bitner

Being Intentional During Alcohol Awareness Month This month on FOX 17, Dr. Bitner discusses intentionality with alcohol consumption. April is Alcohol Awareness Month, highlighting the many risks associated with disordered alcohol consumption, which affects millions of people daily. During the segment, Dr. Bitner discusses how to think about alcohol differently, provides a short patient story, […]

Navigating Menopause at Work: Normalizing Discussions & Building Support

Menopause in the workplace

It’s time to talk about menopause in the workplace. When one out of every ten women leaves the workforce due to menopause symptoms, it’s a critical time to normalize this universal experience for every woman. Together, Dr. Bitner and Psychologist Mary Jo Baweja share valuable information and insights to help women navigate the challenges of […]

Unfiltered: Navigating Body Image & Health in the Social Media Spotlight

social media spotlight

Did you know that studies have shown that exposure to idealized images on social media can lead to decreased body satisfaction, increased body shame, and disordered eating behaviors in women? In our latest Let’s Chat, Dr. Celia Egan joins with Marisa Hohaia, Psychologist and Women’s Life Coach, to discuss the impact of social media on […]