Your Doctor In The Family: Why Women Need A Primary Care Provider

primary care providers

We want to be your doctor in the family. As you may know, true.’s ability to be a primary care provider has been a revolutionary development in our practice and what we can offer our patients. On our most recent Let’s Chat, Dr. Diana Bitner and Dr. Celia Egan explored why access to primary care […]

What are the WAI Pointes®?

WAI Pontes®

If you’re new to our true. community, you might be wondering what makes our practice different than a regular doctor’s office. One big difference is that our focus is on HEALTH care, not SICK care. It’s about prevention and wellness BEFORE you have a health issue, and addressing the health concerns you currently have. We […]

Silver Wellness Visit Overview

If membership in one of our wellness programs isn’t a fit and you are 65 and older, a true. Silver Wellness appointment could be perfect for you. Silver Wellness is our specialized wellness offering for women 65 and older. This one-time visit is an opportunity to have a deep-dive conversation about all of your post-menopausal […]

Empower Wellness Visit Overview

Empower Wellness

We talk a lot about health for women in midlife and menopause here at true.! But did you know that we also offer one-time wellness visits for women under 25? Empower Wellness appointments for young women center around support for hormone-related concerns like family planning, acne, migraine headaches, PMS symptoms, pelvic pain, AND sexual health. […]

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical Health Awareness Month

Cervical cancer will affect about 14,000 women this year. The tragic thing is, it’s a cancer that is highly preventable. The most important things you can do to prevent cervical cancer are to get PAP smears regularly to find abnormal cells and to get the HPV vaccine if you are eligible. Screening Guidelines For Cervical […]

Get to know our Physician Assistant Susanne

Susanne Pettigrew, PA-C, NCMP

Our Physician Assistant, Susanne Pettigrew PA-C, NCMP, has been with us for the entirety of true.’s lifetime! She’s been here since the beginning, and we are so lucky to have her. Susanne possesses extensive knowledge of women’s health and has a deep level of care for all our patients. It’s an honor to work with […]

Introducing Dr. Celia Egan & true. Weight Journey

Dr. Celia Egan and true. Weight Journey

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Celia Egan to team true.! As we expand our expertise to include Internal Medicine and Primary Care, Obesity Medicine, and metabolic health; we also welcome Dr. Egan’s energy, kind heart, and passion for patient care. We can’t wait for you to meet her! Dr. Egan’s […]

Gender-Specific Care

Gender-Specific Care

At true., we offer a personalized care model that includes gender-specific care for all women with a special focus on midlife, menopause, and sexual health. What that means for you is 24/7 access and cutting edge tools through our mobile app, a tailored wellness and disease-prevention plan, and a relationship with your provider that is […]

A Guy’s Guide To Sex And Menopause

A Guy's Guide To Sex And Menopause

Menopause isn’t just a challenging time for women. It can also be hard on the men who love them. So, what is a guy to do when his wife or partner is going through such a difficult time of change? We asked Dr. James Simon, Medical Director and Founder of IntimMedicine Specialists in Washington, D.C., […]

Farm To Table Nutritional Diet

Farm To Table Nutritional Diet

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to shop at the farmers market every week. I love running into friends that I haven’t seen in awhile and chatting with some of my favorite vendors that I have come to know over the years. Of course, the best part of the farmers […]