Let’s Chat: Lipedema

Often confused with lymphedema, Lipedema is a condition that affects many women but remains largely unrecognized and misdiagnosed. Unlike typical weight gain, Lipedema is abnormal fat accumulation that creates a distinctive, disproportionate appearance in the legs while sparing the upper body. Limited public awareness, coupled with few research-backed treatments, can lead to worsening symptoms as […]

Let’s Chat: Menopause Renaissance

redefine midlife

Make Your Midlife and Beyond a Masterpiece Are you ready to unlock the potential of your midlife and beyond? Discover the art of thriving through menopause and say goodbye to outdated beliefs and menopause myths. This is not your mother’s menopause; it is time to usher in a new era of empowerment for women! Dr. […]

Let’s Chat: Revive Your Self-Care

revive your self-care

Back-to-School, Back to YOU! Most women are more relaxed with their schedules in the summer months. We might stay up later, indulge in extra sweets and alcohol, and have fewer rigorous, consistent exercise days. We could get away with this without too many consequences when we were younger. But as women age, repairing the damage […]

Let’s Chat: Steamy Summer

blood sugar intimate health

Blood Sugar and Your Intimate Health Get ready to turn up the summer heat as we dive into the connection between your blood sugar and sexual health! Could your blood sugar be impacting your intimate life? Learn about the latest research and gain actionable lifestyle tips to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and foster […]

Let’s Chat: Sip or Skip


Sober curious? Thinking about cutting back a little? You’ve probably heard that moderate drinking is good for your heart. But you’ve probably also heard that it’s correlated to breast cancer and can trigger hot flashes. Sip or skip? What’s a girl to do? Alcohol has numerous challenges and health implications, especially for women. In our […]

Let’s Chat About Gender and Sexuality

gender and sexuality

Health is important for every gender and sexuality. In our latest Let’s Chat, Dr. Diana Bitner, Dr. Celia Egan, and counselor Dr. Ashley Wildman, Ph.D., explore this topic through a welcoming and non-judgmental conversation. This episode of Let’s Chat aims to empower women by equipping them with the knowledge and understanding they need to join […]

Let’s Chat: Your Care Team at true.

your care team at true women's health. image of Dr. Bitner, Dr. Egan, and PA Susanne

Women make up more than half of the U.S. population, yet their unique medical needs are frequently ignored. Factors like gender bias, race, and inequality in medical research are partly to blame. But most medical schools and residency programs also don’t teach aspiring physicians about menopause, leaving women who are experiencing symptoms untreated. As a […]

Navigating Menopause at Work: Normalizing Discussions & Building Support

Menopause in the workplace

It’s time to talk about menopause in the workplace. When one out of every ten women leaves the workforce due to menopause symptoms, it’s a critical time to normalize this universal experience for every woman. Together, Dr. Bitner and Psychologist Mary Jo Baweja share valuable information and insights to help women navigate the challenges of […]

Unfiltered: Navigating Body Image & Health in the Social Media Spotlight

social media spotlight

Did you know that studies have shown that exposure to idealized images on social media can lead to decreased body satisfaction, increased body shame, and disordered eating behaviors in women? In our latest Let’s Chat, Dr. Celia Egan joins with Marisa Hohaia, Psychologist and Women’s Life Coach, to discuss the impact of social media on […]

Your Doctor In The Family: Why Women Need A Primary Care Provider

primary care providers

We want to be your doctor in the family. As you may know, true.’s ability to be a primary care provider has been a revolutionary development in our practice and what we can offer our patients. On our most recent Let’s Chat, Dr. Diana Bitner and Dr. Celia Egan explored why access to primary care […]