Unfiltered: Navigating Body Image & Health in the Social Media Spotlight

social media spotlight

Did you know that studies have shown that exposure to idealized images on social media can lead to decreased body satisfaction, increased body shame, and disordered eating behaviors in women? In our latest Let’s Chat, Dr. Celia Egan joins with Marisa Hohaia, Psychologist and Women’s Life Coach, to discuss the impact of social media on […]

Your Doctor In The Family: Why Women Need A Primary Care Provider

primary care providers

We want to be your doctor in the family. As you may know, true.’s ability to be a primary care provider has been a revolutionary development in our practice and what we can offer our patients. On our most recent Let’s Chat, Dr. Diana Bitner and Dr. Celia Egan explored why access to primary care […]

Maintaining the Momentum of Motivation

Motivation in Weight Loss Illustration of a woman working out that says "Momentum of motivation"

Maintaining Motivation in Weight Loss In this week’s Let’s Chat, we discussed how to maintain motivation in weight loss. This is one of Dr. Egan’s favorite topics! Also joining us was Dr. Shawn Hondorp, a board-certified clinical health psychologist who has a podcast called Motivation Made Easy: Body Respect, True Health. She uses her knowledge […]

Flex Appeal: Why Women Need Strength Training in Midlife

Strength Training For Women

Plenty of women care about staying in shape, but did you know that strength training is the best way to do so? Muscle mass is key in keeping extra weight and belly fat off our bodies. Mitch Shooks, Dr. Bitner’s personal trainer as well as founder and owner of GRIP Center in Grand Rapids, joined […]

Give Yourself A Break: The Power of Self-Compassion

How do we be as compassionate to ourselves as we are toward others? We extend so much empathy for our friends and family, yet reserve all the judgment for ourselves. This is something we witness women in particular struggle with. The truth of the matter is, it’s hard to make good health choices when we […]

Sleep and Weight – Invest In Your Rest


Sleep and weight. Is there a correlation? Have you given up on a good night of rest? Women are empathetic, caring, and always put others before themselves, and that’s something to admire – but not when it compromises your own wellbeing. When women find themselves not having enough time in the day, sleep is often […]

Heart Disease in Women: Take Prevention To Heart

Heart Disease Women

Heart disease and heart health is something all women should think about seriously regardless of age! That’s why it was our focus of this week’s live stream during Heart Health Month. You can watch an archive of the broadcast at the bottom of this post. Preventative health often takes a backseat in the current culture […]

Prioritize Your Pleasure!

It’s a touchy and often taboo topic, but it’s one that’s incredibly necessary to talk about, especially with your partner. This week’s Let’s Chat live stream was a highly anticipated one: we talked about sex. Specifically, how to make sex more pleasurable for women, because we deserve to have our slice of cake too. Dr. […]

Success with weight loss medications

Weight Loss Medications

Weight loss medications haven’t always been fully embraced by the community. They have sometimes been dubbed as taking “the easy way out”, or not being natural. But whoever you are, whatever method you choose, one thing is consistent: weight loss is not easy. We’re here to provide women with informed options and let you know […]

Restore Your Feminine Confidence With MonaLisa Touch®

Restore Your Feminine Confidence With MonaLisa Touch

Intimacy for women is highly connected to comfort and confidence when it comes to pleasure. There are a number of factors that can make intimacy uncomfortable for women, including memories of negative experiences, being raised to associate sex with shame, poor self-image, being afraid to ask for what they want, and physical pain during foreplay […]