Success Beyond The Scale: Sam’s Story Update #4

Success Beyond The Scale Update 4

Hi friends! Thanks for coming back to read my update on my true. Weight Journey program experience. My first week on the VLCD was, well honestly… hell. Anyone who has been on a diet knows the first week is always the worst. When I say I was cranky, I feel like that’s putting it too […]

Success Beyond The Scale: Sam’s Story Update #3

Sam's Update #3

Hi friends! I am officially on the VLCD (very low-calorie diet)! I started my shakes, and so far, I am pretty impressed. They don’t taste bad, but they do taste like a diet shake! I would compare it to diet chocolate milk or skim chocolate milk. Definitely not as good as the sugary fattening stuff, […]

Success Beyond The Scale: Sam’s Story Update #2

Sam's Story Blog 2

Welcome back, friend! Before you read this update, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your kind words and support after reading my intro blog! This blog was harder to write because I had to take a deep look at some parts of myself that I don’t really like. I am a strong […]

Success Beyond The Scale: Sam’s Story

Success Beyond the Scale: Sam's Sory

I’ve always wanted to lose weight, but I’ve never hated my body. I have always been very confident in my skin, and I love being curvy. Losing weight for me is about my health more than anything. Being slimmer or “skinny” is something I could live without. I have always been annoyed by weight loss […]

Dr. Egan on The Paradocs Podcast

Paradocs Podcast With Dr. Eric Larson

Dr. Celia Egan recently shared about true. Weight Journey on The Paradocs Podcast with Grand Rapids area physician, Dr. Eric Larson. Hear Dr. Egan share how the program uses an entirely new model of care to help women lose weight! Listen below!

Introducing Dr. Celia Egan & true. Weight Journey

Dr. Celia Egan and true. Weight Journey

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Celia Egan to team true.! As we expand our expertise to include Internal Medicine and Primary Care, Obesity Medicine, and metabolic health; we also welcome Dr. Egan’s energy, kind heart, and passion for patient care. We can’t wait for you to meet her! Dr. Egan’s […]