intentionality with alcohol consumption during Alcohol Awareness Month on Fox 17 with Dr. Bitner

Dr. Bitner on Fox 17: Alcohol Awareness Month

Being Intentional During Alcohol Awareness Month

This month on FOX 17, Dr. Bitner discusses intentionality with alcohol consumption. April is Alcohol Awareness Month, highlighting the many risks associated with disordered alcohol consumption, which affects millions of people daily. During the segment, Dr. Bitner discusses how to think about alcohol differently, provides a short patient story, and encourages all viewers to honestly assess if alcohol helps them to reach their goals.  

Alcohol Consumption Fact 1:

A little bit of alcohol can be relaxing, allow for happy social interactions and lower blood pressure. Higher amounts of alcohol can cause health problems, including addiction, liver failure, breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It is a big cause of death and disability. 

Alcohol Consumption Fact 2:

There is a growing community of people who are “Sober Curious.” People are really starting to look at how alcohol affects their health, decision-making ability, and weight. Platforms like Tempest offer education, support, and conversation about how to drink less to have a healthier lifestyle. 

Patient Story:

Dr. Bitner met with the patient, Jane*, a 26-year-old who had graduated from college and was excited to recently be promoted to the regional manager at her company. Despite these successes, she was gaining weight, had mild depression, was less motivated to exercise, and, in general, was not feeling as good as she thought she should. After talking through her daily habits and going through the SEEDS checklist, Dr. Bitner noticed that Jane was having 2-3 drinks per day and often more on weekends. Jane admitted that the habit had formed in college and discussed how drinking also permeates dating culture. She felt obligated to have a drink or was apologetic about why she wasn’t drinking. Dr. Bitner advised that she learn more about her consumption through, a platform designed to help individuals understand their motivations when it comes to drinking, and also provides education and support resources.

Tip of the Week: Intentionality with Alcohol Consumption

Be intentional. Think about why you drink alcohol and what purpose it serves. Decide when you are clear-headed about how much you will drink and when you are able to stick to your plan. 

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