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Questions About Your Care

Your first appointment in the office will be all about getting to know you and making sure all is up to date. Our office will contact you before the visit to give you access to our symptom tracker on the True Women® app. Your first visit will include a comprehensive annual exam, along with a review of your goals and concerns, evaluation of your health status, past history, and assessment of your hormone stage. You will leave the visit with a personalized plan. Our goal is that you have the necessary tools to meet your goals as well as have a team to keep you on track.

This depends on the membership option you choose.

true. Basic Wellness is for women who are looking for up to 3 women's health consultations per year. This Wellness Program focuses on three areas of wellness, including the management of your menopause symptoms, your ability to be active, and achieving or maintaining your goal weight using the W*A*I*Pointes® plan. You will set and track goals with your provider. (click here for more information)

true. Complete Wellness includes your comprehensive annual exam and typically four additional visits to evaluate your wellness and progress along your wellness journey. Our pilot study showed that women who had five visits over the course of the program were very likely to meet their goals and were very confident in their wellness. This program includes goal setting and tracking in all nine areas of W*A*I*Pointes® wellness, including risk assessment and strategies for prevention of cancer, diabetes, mood dysfunction and poor coping, heart disease, osteoporosis and stress over financial security. Patients in this program can schedule unlimited appointments for problems or concerns throughout the year. (click here for more information)

All members of true. Women’s Health will have access to the True Women® digital app, app-based telehealth, texting with the true. team, and access to an online community made up of other members. The app will provide a way to track your symptoms and activity compared to your goals. You will have access to a member of our team for a private chat or to ask a confidential question  7 days a week.

No, not if you have been seen by another provider who uses EPIC electronic records. We are connected to many providers and can see past records including from Spectrum Health via our fully integrated medical record system, EpicCare. This ensures that all of your medical information is securely stored and accessed only by the members of your health team. You will be able to access your full medical records through MyChart.

Yes, Dr. Bitner, Susanne Pettigrew and the team have training and experience taking care of women affected by many types of cancer and are comfortable working with a woman’s oncology team as questions arise about best treatment options and potential complications of cancer treatment. Cancer and cancer treatment can cause early menopause which can be very difficult and we offer many solutions to improve life after treatment. (learn more about our Cancer Wellness Programs.)

Questions About Our Personalized Care Model

Concierge medicine is a type of medical practice where the Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner is able to spend more time with each patient and provide in-depth care. It is designed to allow a slower-paced, more personalized environment and the highest quality care, including convenience and service, to support optimal health for each patient. By limiting the number of patients in the practice, our true. providers can address all of your midlife, menopause, sexual health questions, as well as provide your primary care. This includes wellness evaluations and a personalized Life Action Plan. You can expect your provider’s undivided attention, superior preventive care and detailed midlife, menopause and sexual wellness education.

Concierge medicine puts more of an emphasis on each individual patient to provide them with the highest standard of care. In the traditional style of Western medicine, doctors may be responsible for 2,000 to 4,000 patients. In concierge medicine, the number of patients is limited. You benefit by having more face-to-face time with your provider and multiple visits scheduled over the year to assess your wellness and whether you are achieving your goals.

Our true. doctors are available on their cell phone or through the mobile app 24/7 just in case any problems arise and can help you decide next steps to take.

true. Women’s Health offers early morning and evening appointments for your convenience. You can also expect same-day or next-day appointments for urgent care.

Questions About My Payment

The annual fee allows you greater access to our team in a calming office promising high-touch, relationship-based care. This fee is not covered by your health insurer, but your visits may be covered by insurance depending on your insurance. Our model is different in that you pay an annual fee in advance for the ability to schedule visits with our providers, access to our specialized women’s health team, educational content, and the True Women® app. We will work with you to understand how this will work with your insurance, but suggest you also discuss this with your insurance and contact us with questions.

While the annual fee is ineligible for Flex Spending or HSA, whatever is not covered from the medical services bill from your visit should be a qualified medical expense for purposes of an HSA or FSA. No part of the concierge fee paid by Medicare patients can be applied towards Medicare-covered service.

Yes, you will still need to maintain your normal health insurance, even after you pay the true. Membership annual fee. When we order blood work, diagnostic imaging (x-rays, bone density tests, MRI, etc.) specialists visits, or allied healthcare (physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.) the provider of those services will bill your insurance directly. We will bill your insurance for the services we provide and participate with most major insurance companies.

true. Basic Wellness is $900 annually. You may pay this annual fee monthly as a recurring charge of $75, or in full at the start of your year. true. Complete Wellness is $2,400 for a twelve-month membership. This will be collected in one annual payment. You also have the option to pay a monthly recurring charge of $200. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


We will be participating with most major insurances including ASR, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, Priority Health, and United HealthCare. We will not be participating with Medicare or Medicaid.

We will electronically “courtesy bill” your insurance company. You will be asked to pay for the medical services provided at the time of service. In this situation, you personally have the contract with the insurance company and any reimbursement from the insurance company would come to you directly. We will not be courtesy billing Medicare or Medicaid.

Yes. Participating insurance companies will require us to collect your co-pay at the time of your visit.

Yes. Many times a patient has not reached their deductible for the year. In this situation, we will bill your insurance company but will require payment at the time of the services.

Yes. The membership fee is not for medical services, but is rather for access and other enhancements of the practice. The membership fee allows you the following enhancements:
* Same day or next day appointments;
* Access to the Team through the true Women Mobile App, Seven days a week;
* Availability to speak to a provider by phone 365 days a year;
* Opportunities for videoconference discussions or visits with your Physician;
* Assistance with the coordination of test scheduling and appointments, and communication of test results by telephone; and
* Free or reduced attendance at virtual or live educational classes.

Yes. In participating plans, we can now be your PCP. You can choose Susanne Pettigrew, PA-C (beginning June 2021) or Celia Egan, MD (beginning Mid-August 2021). PCP designation will be limited to patients in the Complete Wellness program. In either program, we are happy to partner with your PCP if your PCP is outside of true. Women’s Health.

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