Gender-Specific Care

Gender-Specific Care

At true., we offer a personalized care model that includes gender-specific care for all women with a special focus on midlife, menopause, and sexual health.

What that means for you is 24/7 access and cutting edge tools through our mobile app, a tailored wellness and disease-prevention plan, and a relationship with your provider that is built on trust and a true understanding of your unique health needs. We want to really know you! But more than that, we want YOU to really know you!

Personalized Gender-Specific Care vs. Regular Primary Care

In today’s traditional primary care practice, women have roughly 10-15 minutes of face-to-face time with their doctor. Physicians do not have time for preventative care in a problem-based or illness-based visit, and it’s no fault of their own. Many physicians are contractually required to see a certain number of patients each day – forcing them to keep one eye on the clock and one eye on the patient.

true.’s concierge care model is completely different! This model of care allows for the necessary time to address immediate issues AND long-term wellness and prevention. We tell patients to expect to spend at least one hour at their first appointment!

Let Us Show You The W*A*I*

Our process of care is centered around Dr. Bitner’s W*A*I* Pointes® – which stands for “Who Am I?”. W*A*I* Pointes® makes it easier for you to see how every aspect of your life fits together to make you well – or unwell as you age. The true. Complete Wellness program includes guidance and support in nine specific areas of wellness.

  • A – Ability to Be Active
  • B – Obesity
  • C – Cancer
  • D – Diabetes
  • E – Ease of Coping
  • F – Phase of Ovarian Function
  • G – Good Bones
  • H – Heart Disease
  • I – Income Security

When you are a patient at true., you are not just a number in a big system or another 15-minute time slot on a practice calendar. We don’t see you once a year and then send you on your way. Our approach to wellness and prevention is not “one-size-fits-all.” We dive deep into your medical history, discuss your health needs, come up with a personalized plan, and apply evidence-based medicine to give you the premier care you deserve. We pay attention to what you track in the true. Women app – your mood, medications, food choices, exercise, and more. We listen and notice. When we see you going off course, we help you get back to focusing on your health goals and putting yourself first.

We believe every woman deserves this type of gender-specific care. You should believe that you deserve it, too.

If you’re ready to discover your true. self again and want a partner for your health and wellness journey, we’re glad you found us. Please reach out if you’d like to learn more or register to become a patient.

Personalized Care vs Regular Primary Care