Grand Rapids Business Journal

Grand Rapids Business Journal – Seven daily habits to stay healthy and active during uncertain times

Excerpt from the article posted on on April 15, 2020:

Self-care isn’t necessarily at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts as America races to slow the COVID-19 pandemic’s grip. Practicing medicine for 28 years has proven women who take care of themselves — mind, body and spirit — are the most resilient. There is no magic pill — only a daily commitment to self-care.

So many women are working hard to juggle their roles as leaders, moms, wives, daughters and community members, especially while following social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines. Oftentimes, they forget themselves, and as a result, their whole personal community can suffer.

It is possible to stay healthy in times of stress and isolation.

The Seven Essential Elements of Daily Success (SEEDS) can help you feel better through these stressful times while improving the odds of healthy aging. The practice of these seven habits can help with the creation of a healthy routine as you navigate your new normal.