true. story

Hi, I’m Joy and this is my true. story

Have you been looking for that one place where you truly feel heard and understood when it comes to your health matters? Meet Joy and listen to her true. story!

Joy is a breast cancer survivor and went through early menopause. She came to true. after finding the Let’s Chat series with Dr. Bitner online. Joy told us, “The Let’s Chat’s were like life-savers to me. Dr. Bitner was talking directly to me.”

In this conversation with Dr. Bitner, Joy authentically shares about her health journey, the specific concerns she brought to true., and how she has been given her intimate life and health back. “I haven’t felt this good in five years!”

Has Dr. Bitner been talking directly to you? Are you struggling with similar concerns to Joy’s? We are here for you and can help give you your health and intimate life back, too! Learn more about the program that is helping Joy here.