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Let’s Chat: Menopause Renaissance

Make Your Midlife and Beyond a Masterpiece

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your midlife and beyond? Discover the art of thriving through menopause and say goodbye to outdated beliefs and menopause myths. This is not your mother’s menopause; it is time to usher in a new era of empowerment for women! Dr. Diana Bitner and Dr. Celia Egan discuss evidence-based insights and practical management tips and share a fresh perspective on menopause. Understanding your body and learning how to start aging the way you want is important! Learn how to redefine your midlife journey and discover the art of thriving through menopause in true.’s latest Let’s Chat: Menopause Renaissance.   

Essential Menopause Statistics

  1. 100% of women will go through menopause. There is no shame in experiencing symptoms of menopause! This is a natural part of aging; there is no “gold star” for suffering from symptoms in silence. There are steps you can take to manage menopause and age the way that YOU want! 
  2. 75% of physicians are uncomfortable talking to women about menopause symptoms. Menopause is when many women experience new or worsening health conditions and need doctors the most. It is crucial to find a certified menopause practitioner who understands your symptoms and can help you better understand your body. 
  3. 73% of women do not treat their menopause symptoms.

Menopause Myths

Myth #1: There is no such thing as a menopause doctor.

The Menopause Society offers practitioners a certification exam to become an MSCP (Menopause Society Certified Practitioner). Practitioners include OB-GYNs, internal medicine doctors, Physician Assistants, midwives, family medicine doctors, and more.   

Myth #2: Menopause symptoms don’t last long. 

You can start experiencing menopause symptoms even while having a period! Symptoms can begin as early as 40 or sooner if you are a cancer survivor. 

Myth #3: Only severe menopause symptoms need to be treated. 

Menopause doesn’t automatically equal hot flashes and night sweats, and many women are unaware of the symptoms associated with midlife and menopause. Bone thinning, for example, is an internal symptom that can significantly impact your overall health. Once you experience your first symptom, schedule an appointment with your health practitioner to develop a care plan. 

Myth #4: Hormone therapy isn’t an option because it is unsafe. 

Dr. Bitner calls this myth the “zombie” idea because no matter how much new data is published, a fear of hormone replacement therapy persists. Hormone therapy is a safe treatment option for many women. Non-hormonal treatments are also available for cancer survivors or those with a risk of blood clots. 

Myth #5: Once you’re in menopause, it’s all downhill. Say goodbye to your sex life and body. 

As we mentioned at the beginning, this isn’t your mother’s menopause! You do not have to suffer in silence; a better sex life is possible, and you get to define how you look and feel. Women should feel empowered to know their options and live life how they want.

Menopause Treatment Options

Symptom Circle

To properly treat your menopause symptoms, start with the symptoms most affecting your life. true.’s Symptom Circle is an excellent resource to learn about your body, discover triggers, and what can help you feel better.

Menopause Tracking Scale® 

The Menopause Transition Scale® (MTS) is a validated tool to quantify and track your midlife and menopause symptoms. Most women think menopause equals hot flashes, but that is not always the case. There are many different symptoms associated with menopause. If you are over 35 and your periods have changed by more than seven days for even one cycle, you are in at least early perimenopause.

You can better control your future once you understand your triggers and track your symptoms. Over 1,000 women use MTS® each month on our website! It is a great way to check in and hold ourselves accountable. Using the MTS® quiz each month can also help determine the best treatment methods for you.


While medicine can help alleviate symptoms, they aren’t a magic ticket. To truly experience healthy aging, you must also implement lifestyle changes. SEEDS® focuses on the seven basic essentials that impact your midlife transition. Supplying your body with these basic essentials daily helps to alleviate symptoms often associated with menopause and, overall, promotes a better quality of life. Learn more about getting back to basics and aging well with Dr. Bitner’s SEEDS® eBook.

Rethink Menopause

Instead of viewing everything as “going downhill” after menopause, try thinking of menopause as a transformative and special time in your life. New symptoms can signal that you need to pause and get back to prioritizing your body’s needs for a healthier future.

Understand Your Cravings 

Cravings are like a wave; they hit quickly, become intense, and then ebb away. To be more mindful about eating, it is first essential to understand your food triggers. Why are you feeling these cravings? Are they due to stress? Anxiety? Low energy? Once you know the reason behind the craving, it’s easier to devise eating strategies and utilize supplements to assist with food choices and weight.

Most importantly, do not feel ashamed about your cravings! They are normal, and there are ways to manage them. Healthy weight management is about having clear nutrition goals and understanding your progress. Any step forward is a step forward; some improvement is better than none! 

Take-Home Tips To Redefine Your Midlife Journey

  1. You will go through menopause. The symptoms are not your fault; you do not have to suffer in silence. 
  2. Know your phase of ovarian function. 
  3. Start with SEEDS®.  
  4. What is the role of HRT (now known as MHT, Menopause Hormone Therapy) in your life? Hormones aren’t scary and can be very beneficial during midlife and menopause. Ask your healthcare provider if you would be a good candidate for this treatment option.  
  5. Know there are options beyond MHT. Veozah’s emergence as a non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes marks a significant step forward in women’s health, and we’re here for it! It’s time for women to stop suffering in silence with the symptoms of menopause. If you’re considering Veozah as a treatment option for your hot flashes, connect with our team at true. today! 

Five Questions You Can Ask Your Healthcare Provider

  1. Do you feel comfortable talking about menopause?
  2. What is my phase of ovarian function?
  3. Am I a candidate for MHT? 
  4. How is my metabolic health?
  5. What is my health plan during this time?

Keep the Conversation Going 

At true., your health is our top priority 24/7, 365 days a year. We see you as a WHOLE person, listen to your health story, and guide you toward total wellness. Now is the time to reclaim and redefine your midlife journey. This is the Menopause Renaissance!