Patient Complete Wellness Contract

Membership Application and Agreement

Thank you for your interest in joining the true. Women’s Clinic of Grand Rapids, PC.  This Membership Application and Agreement describes the terms of your membership in our COMPLETE WELLNESS program.

*By providing your personal (not shared) email address you consent and acknowledge that we may contact you via unencrypted email and that you acknowledge and agree that we may disclose personal health information (PHI) to you in an encrypted email.

By signing below (electronic or otherwise) you agree to the following:

  • Women’s Clinic of Grand Rapids has limited availability and completion of your Membership Application does not guarantee enrollment.
  • true. Women’s Clinic of Grand Rapids has limited availability. By signing up today and making a $2400 payment, you are guaranteed a spot in the Complete Wellness Program.
  • A true. team member will be in touch with you regarding scheduling your first appointment.
  • You further authorize true. Women's Clinic of Grand Rapids, PC to secure payment from you with a credit card.
  • You have three options: (1) Pay $2,400 today; (2) Pay $1,200 today with two subsequent $600 payments 90 days apart; or (3) Pay $200 a month for 12 months.
  • This agreement is a 12-month commitment and will automatically renew each year unless otherwise canceled by you.
  • You agree to these terms and the Terms and Conditions.

You have provided us with an email address, by signing below, you acknowledge and accept the risk of sending or receiving your PHI via unencrypted email, including but not limited to unauthorized access during transit, and agree to not hold true. Women’s Clinic of Grand Rapids, PC, and true. Women’s Health, LLC, or any of its affiliates, employees, or agents liable for any damages you may incur as a result of the transmittal of your PHI via unencrypted email and any breach that may occur during transit.

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