True Women App

Press Release – OptimizeRx

ROCHESTER, Mich., May 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OptimizeRx Corp.  (Nasdaq: OPRX), a leading provider of digital health solutions for life science companies and payers, announced that Michigan-based clinic, True™ Women’s Health, has launched a new health app powered by the company’s RMDY digital health tools.

The app focuses on delivering virtual care and patient support, and enables the clinic to treat patients nationwide with personalized health and wellness programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“OptimizeRx’s RMDY digital health tools empowered us to launch our practice virtually during the COVID-19 crisis,  and particularly to help manage menopause, which is a complicated health process and the most dramatic risk factor for heart disease in women,” said Dr. Diana Bitner, chief medical officer and co-founder of True Women’s Health. “The ability to have a virtual care platform supported by our team and proprietary whole-health program has been tremendous for us to stay on schedule with the launch of our clinic, even when our physical location is delayed due to COVID-19.”

“By combining the power of technology and medicine,” continued Bitner,” we can provide personalized support programs paired with physician telehealth visits that help patients manage the symptoms of menopause and stay on track for healthy aging.”

The True Women’s Health app guides patients through a personalized patient journey that includes educational videos, trackers, surveys, direct coaching and telehealth consults, as well as easy appointment scheduling for both patient and provider. They can also track progress against program goals throughout the year and discuss health information during virtual visits. Patients can track their menopause symptoms and connect their occurrence to their daily activities, which gives providers specific data to support an individualized care plan.

Read more about our partnership with OptimizeRx and RMDY Health here.