Prioritize Your Pleasure!

It’s a touchy and often taboo topic, but it’s one that’s incredibly necessary to talk about, especially with your partner. This week’s Let’s Chat live stream was a highly anticipated one: we talked about sex. Specifically, how to make sex more pleasurable for women, because we deserve to have our slice of cake too.

Dr. Bitner opened the episode noting that it’s becoming more and more evident that EVERYONE has sexual questions. However, very few women will ever voice their concerns and questions to their doctor. When a typical appointment with a doctor lasts only about ten minutes, it’s understandable to not start such a nuanced and complex discussion. We need to have a reliable resource for information, however, and that’s why Dr. B is here.

This hasn’t always been a conversation she’s been comfortable with. Dr. Bitner disclosed that 15 years ago, she never would have imagined saying “orgasm” in public. She went on to say sex isn’t just about the act, but about people’s sense of health, wellbeing, and youth. Women should find sex as a way to provide both intimacy and pleasure. And pleasure starts with knowledge about our bodies.

Reasons for Low Libido

There are at least 27 reasons for low desire that can be found in true.’s Sex Deck including Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, medications, insecurities, low estrogen or testosterone, depression, painful penetration, dryness, incontinence, and a distracted or stressed mind. Dr. Bitner explained the cards contain three categories or ways to self-rate your libido:

3 – You have good responsive desire (arousal in response to stimuli) and spontaneous desire (thinking about & craving sex at random throughout the day) You’re comfortable speaking about intimacy with your partner.

2 – The conversations could be easier, but your sex life is satisfactory and does not affect the relationship.

1 – Causes significant issues in your relationship and is a touchy topic.

The Lucky 30

We also talked about a crucial aspect of our topic: achieving climax. If you are part of what Dr. Bitner calls the “lucky 30” then the feat is likely easier for you. Only 30 percent of women can achieve climax from penetration alone. The rest require external stimulation (clitoral stimulation) to get there. Many men don’t understand this, so if your partner feels bad or insecure about needing extra help to get you there, explain that it’s nobody’s fault, simply anatomy.

The Map of Ladytown

So let’s talk anatomy. Is the G-Spot real? Conceptually, yes. It can be defined as a collection of nerves that are extra sensitive. On a physical level, it has yet to be identified as its own distinct anatomical part that can be recognized via scans and examinations. It is typically right under the neck of the bladder near the vaginal opening, but since its location may vary for each woman, the key to finding it is self-exploration. The clitoris is something most of us are familiar with, but did you know it’s way larger than it appears? It has an internal structure including “legs” of nerves that extend underneath the vulva. The glans is what is visible and can be seen by retracting the clitoral hood. Some women describe the orgasms achieved by these two areas to be different sensations. Orgasms sometimes result in what is known as female ejaculation, an activation of fluids in the skene’s glands.

Prioritize Your Pleasure & Voice Your Concerns

It’s never too late to better your sex life and prioritize your pleasure! Dr. B spoke of an 89-year-old patient that wanted to have an orgasm before she passed, and with the help of true. prescribing vaginal estrogen, she achieved her goal. Dr. Bitner’s colleagues at the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health are a tremendous resource for helping us find answers and solutions as well. The only way to solve an issue is to talk about it openly, so don’t hesitate to chat with us about improving your sex life. We are happy to help with providing estrogen, lubricants, testosterone gel, help with vaginal dryness with the MonaLisa Touch® laser treatment, or just simple advice. If you missed it live, check out the replay of our live stream, Prioritize Your Pleasure below!