Shape Magazine Article: 50+ Sexual ‘Would You Rather’ Questions with Dr. Bitner

Dr. Bitner contributed to a recent article published by Shape magazine as part of a collaboration with Urban You For Me. And whoa! Things are heating up in here! 🔥 (And we’re not referring to a hot flash!)

Prepare yourself and read 50+ Sexual “Would You Rather” Questions for couples! Get a taste of what’s to come…

Sexual Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather…

  1. Start dressed or undressed?
  2. Do it with the lights on or lights off?
  3. Have an hour-long session with lots of foreplay or a quickie snuck in the middle of your day?
  4. Missionary or doggy style?
  5. The privacy of home or a spot outdoors?
  6. Have morning sex or nighttime sex?
  7. Experiment with hot or cold temperature play?
  8. Feathers or leather?