Silver Wellness Visit Overview

If membership in one of our wellness programs isn’t a fit and you are 65 and older, a true. Silver Wellness appointment could be perfect for you. Silver Wellness is our specialized wellness offering for women 65 and older. This one-time visit is an opportunity to have a deep-dive conversation about all of your post-menopausal health concerns. You set the agenda for your visit!

Postmenopausal women need and deserve individualized healthcare. The body doesn’t stop changing after menopause, so we are here to work with you and help you discover your Picture of Self moving forward. Healthy aging is formed through daily health habits. We want to address your concerns with hormone health and risk factors. Our Physician Assistant Susanne Pettigrew and Dr. Bitner teamed up in this short video to walk through the details and what you can expect at your hour-long visit.

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