Women Living Their Best Lives

The true. Women’s Health solution to women living their best lives

Written by Diana Bitner MD, NCMP, FACOG, Chief Medical Officer

All women care about their health, and everyone has people and goals they care about very deeply. However, life can get hectic and cluttered, such that goals can be forgotten or put off until “later” and self-care becomes an after-thought. For many women, “later” never comes due to there always being too many fires to put out.

Many women come to tears when they take time to think about why they should put their health on their to-do list. It could be, “To be active with my grandkids, being able to run, get on the floor, be active,” or “My husband is still really active and fit, I have always wanted to run a 5K, too so we can travel to races together and I am not just on the sidelines.” Or “I am so scared of having dementia like my mom, and I am afraid my brain fog means it is starting.”

Women deserve all-around gender-specific care, which empowers them to live the life they want.

I started true. Women’s Health because I hold deeply to my heartfelt belief that “it” is possible. “It” being that we as a system helps move women away from confusion, fear, isolation, and preventable illness such as heart attacks, broken hips, dementia, and obesity.

We want women to move into clarity and deliberate wellbeing, which is individually defined. We welcome tears because it means we are getting to the grit of why it is time to make a change. At true. Women’s Health we know how women are different from men and how even busy women can get back on track to meet their goals.

No one wants to be dependent on others. No one grows up dreaming of being in a dementia unit. No one dreams it is them in an ER bed having a heart attack. Enough already of preventable disease!

It is time we make an innovative change to our system and true. Women’s Health will be an agent of change.

The true. method puts the patient in the middle of her healthcare team and makes her goals be the goals of her healthcare team. true.’s personalized concierge care model supports the optimal health for each woman by addressing all of her midlife, menopause, and sexual health questions. With wellness evaluations and a personalized Life Action Plan, our providers offer undivided attention and superior preventive care with HER in the center of it all. The healthier we become as individuals and populations, the more resilient we are as a people, a system, a nation, and a global community.

true. Women’s Health has been created to be part of the solution and to show women and the system that “it” is possible!

Originally published on LinkedIn, March 24, 2020