true. Basic Wellness

Personalized healthcare for women.

Specialized health planning for women

true. Basic Wellness is ideal for women who want to take charge of their wellness and are looking for up to three (3) women’s health consultations a year. The Basic plan is a wellness solution that offers personalized care, priority scheduling, and provider access.

W*A*I* Pointes® Process Of Care

W*A*I* Pointes® makes it easier for you to see how certain aspects of your life fit together to make you well – or unwell as you age. true. Basic Wellness includes guidance and support in three important W*A*I*Pointes® categories.

  • A – Ability to Be Active
  • B – Obesity
  • F – Phase of Ovarian Function


You have access to us and ownership of your healthcare!

  • The true. model gives our patients access to their healthcare team 24/7. It’s as easy as sending a text from your mobile phone. Your text is received in our patient portal and is HIPAA compliant.

Insurance Participation

  • We handle billing your insurance for the medical services we provide, and participate with most major insurance companies.
  • Any co-pays required by your insurance will be collected after your medical visits upon check-out
  • Assistance with the coordination of test scheduling, appointments, and communication of test results by telephone
  • Note: ability to be designated as your PCP – Primary Care Provider is only available through the Complete program

Membership for $75 per month

Personalized Care Enhancements:

  • Appointments within the same week
  • 24/7 access to the Team through the true. texting service
  • Speak to a provider by phone after business hours, weekends, and holidays
  • Opportunities for video conference discussions or visits with your Physician in appropriate circumstances
  • Reduced cost of attendance at virtual or live educational classes
  • Personalized health plan through W*A*I*Pointes in Three (3) Areas of Wellness
  • Membership in our private Facebook Group for members only
  • A complimentary MonaLisa Touch® consultation
  • Access to MyChart (online medical records) via EPIC
  • The membership fee is not for medical services, but is rather for access and enhancements of the practice.

true. Basic Wellness is the ideal solution for patients who want a wellness experience focused on prevention, individualized goal setting, and health planning. true.’s personalized approach to healthcare addresses your individual needs and is backed by evidence-based research.

Patients at true. can expect

  • Longer more engaging appointments where you feel like we know you.
  • Support from a team of professionals aligned with your needs.
  • 24/7 access to ground-breaking tools, unlimited access to the true. team, other education and resources.


Your first appointment in the office will be all about getting to know you and making sure all of your information is up to date. It will include a comprehensive annual exam, along with a review of your goals and concerns, evaluation of your health status past history, and assessment of your hormone stage. You will leave the visit with a personalized plan. Our goal is that you have the necessary tools to meet your goals as well as have a team to keep you on track.

true. Basic Wellness is for women who are looking for up to 3 health consultations a year. This Wellness Program focuses on three areas of wellness, including the management of your menopause symptoms, your ability to be active, and achieving or maintaining your goal weight using the W*A*I*Pointes® plan. You will set and track goals with your provider.