Cancer Wellness


When treatment ends, it's time for a new journey to begin.

You survived cancer. What's next?

Before and during treatment, there are frequent follow-up appointments and facility visits. Your oncologist and care team monitor your responses to therapy and keep a close eye on your health and progress. However, after completing cancer therapy, many survivors are left with the question, “Now what?” It can be a scary time of transition. Even years after completing treatment, survivors may still have lingering symptoms, concerns, and barriers to living their life to the fullest.

The true. Women’s Health Cancer Wellness Program focuses on helping women recover their quality of life after cancer treatment – no matter how long it has been. We provide education and an evidence-based plan for improving and optimizing your health and wellness after cancer treatment.

Dr. Diana L. Bitner, MD, NCMP, FACOG

CANCER Wellness guides and supports your health journey in

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Cancer Wellness Membership $75/Month
You invest in your health, and we make an investment in you.
Concierge medical fees cover a wide range of additional services you receive over and above what you’d expect in a traditional healthcare setting. Cancer Wellness members can expect:

We accept insurance

We participate with most major insurance companies and bill insurance for in-office or telemedicine visits. Insurance companies do require that we collect office co-pays and coinsurance at the time of your visit. We do not participate with Medicare or Medicaid.

The true. Cancer Wellness Care Journey

This first visit includes getting to know you and having you share a complete review of your cancer history. A physical exam will also be performed at this visit if appropriate. We will also address any post-treatment symptoms or concerns at this time. These symptoms may include but are not limited to fatigue, neuropathy, depression, anxiety, fear of recurrence, hormonal, sexual health concerns, and body image.


Utilizing true.'s W*A*I* Pointes® process of care as the basis, you will set new wellness goals and write an action plan to achieve them. Don't worry – we will help you and provide you with all the tools you need to complete this! We will offer strategies to reduce your risk for cancer recurrence (or new cancers) and review prevention tactics. We will discuss your heart health and bone health and order testing if needed. We'll ask you about your diet and lifestyle and provide a follow-up plan as well as coordinate with other providers and offer referrals if needed.

The true. team will review your wellness goals and progress, and help you make adjustments if needed. This second visit also focuses on the importance of nutrition for you as a survivor. Our Nutrition Coach will address your specific diet-related concerns, review your cancer risk, and make lifestyle recommendations that may help to reduce risk for recurrence.


In addition to your diet and nutrition, this visit also addresses your mental health, fitness, and physical abilities after your cancer diagnosis. Are you challenged with pain, loss of muscle mass, or decreased strength? Are you struggling to overcome thoughts of recurrence or dealing with anxiety and depression? We'll connect you with professionals that have the expertise to help you on this new journey after cancer. 

This visit includes a full review and the progress you've made toward your goals. We'll discuss any persistent or lingering post-treatment issues and long-term side effects you may be experiencing. We will help you update your goals and put an action plan in place that will help keep you on a wellness path.

Your true. Cancer Wellness Program membership includes 24/7 access to our providers through the the true. texting service. We are here to be a partner for life in your wellness journey.

Three generations of women


true.’s Cancer Wellness Program is centered around YOU, restoring your sense of identity with a new Picture of Self after treatment. It’s time for you to take back control of your life, reduce the anxiety over recurrence, and get back to living with restored energy, confidence, and self-esteem. Celebrate your survivorship with improved overall health and wellness!

We can’t wait to hear your story and be part of your journey of recovery, reinvention, and restoration of your true. self!

Which program is right for you?

Complete Wellness

Primary Care +
  • All Wellness Areas Included
  • 24/7 Access
  • Same Day/Next Day Urgent Care Appointments
  • Care Navigation
  • Functional/Integrative Medicine

Basic Wellness

Healthy Aging
  • 24/7 Access
  • Sexual Health
  • Hormone Optimization
  • Gynecological Care

Cancer Wellness

  • 24/7 Access
  • Cancer Risk Assessments
  • Heart Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Cancer-specific Menopause Care

true. Weight Journey

Weight Control
  • 24/7 Access
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Diabetes Health
  • Heart Health
  • Weight Loss Medications