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true. Complete Wellness

Complete healthcare for women

true. Complete Wellness is the ideal solution for patients who want a total wellness solution with unlimited office visits and 24-hour access to a provider, plus priority scheduling and frequent check-ins from staff members. This is ideal for women focused on preventative care and are looking for ease of service under one location.

Process of Care - W*A*I Pointes®

W*A*I* Pointes® makes it easier for you to see how every aspect of your life fits together to make you well – or unwell as you age. true. Complete Wellness includes guidance and support in nine specific areas of wellness.

  • A – Ability to Be Active
  • B – Obesity
  • C – Cancer
  • D – Diabetes
  • E – Ease of Coping
  • F – Phase of Ovarian Function
  • G – Good Bones
  • H – Heart Disease
  • I – Income Security

Complete Wellness also includes

  • Guaranteed same day urgent / sick appointments.
  • All office visits at no additional charge.

Access to the true. app

The true. Women® app is made specifically for you to have access and ownership of your healthcare!

  • Learn Your Phase of Ovarian Function
  • Track Your SEEDSⓇ – your daily habits that lead to healthy aging
  • Track Your Symptoms With The Menopause Transition ScaleⓇ
  • Chat With A Menopause-Informed Coach 24/7 + more

All-inclusive women's healthcare for $200 Per Month

Complete Wellness includes:

  • Membership in our practice.
  • Annual exam and routine testing. 
  • Prioritized scheduling.
  • Access to a true. provider 24 hours per day (including weekends).
  • Check-in calls from a true. staff member.
  • Membership in our private Facebook Group for members only.
  • A complimentary MonaLisa Touch® consultation
  • Free admission to true. Women’s Health classes on topics such as sexual health, nutrition, menopause symptoms, etc.
  • Access to MyChart (online medical records) via EPIC.
  • Access to the true. women app – our online education portal.

true. Complete Wellness is the ideal solution for women who want a deep dive into healthy aging and desire personalized, real-time access to a provider. true.’s personalized approach to healthcare addresses your individual needs and is backed by evidence-based research.

Patients at true. can expect

  • Longer more engaging appointments where you feel like we know you.
  • Support from a team of professionals aligned with your needs.
  • 24/7 access to ground-breaking tools, the true. app, other education and resources.


Your first appointment in the office will be all about getting to know you and making sure all of your information is up to date. It will include a comprehensive annual exam, along with a review of your goals and concerns, evaluation of your health status, past history, and assessment of your hormone stage. You will leave the visit with a personalized plan. Our goal is that you have the necessary tools to meet your goals as well as have a team to keep you on track.

true. Complete Wellness includes your comprehensive annual exam and four additional visits to evaluate your wellness and progress along your wellness journey. Our pilot study showed that women who had five visits over the course of the program were very likely to meet their goals and were very confident in their wellness. This program includes goal setting and tracking in all nine areas of W*A*I*Pointes® wellness, including risk assessment and strategies for prevention of cancer, diabetes, mood dysfunction and poor coping, heart disease, osteoporosis and stress over financial security. Patients in this program can schedule unlimited appointments for problems or concerns throughout the year. 

Yes, you will still need to maintain your normal health insurance, even after you pay the true. Membership fee. When we order blood work, diagnostic imaging (X-rays, bone density tests, MRI, etc.), specialists visits, or allied healthcare (physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.), the provider of those services will bill your insurance directly. Also, you would use your insurance for emergency room and urgent care visits and hospitalizations. Please call our office if you would like to discuss this further.