WZZM 13 Maintaining Your Health

WZZM 13-Maintaining your health even when you are staying home

Excerpt from the article posted on WZZM13 on April 21, 2020:

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — During a pandemic, we talk a lot about being healthy, not taking risks and keeping ourselves and others safe. It is also a good time to remember the other basics of staying healthy and well. Dr. Diana Bitner, from True™ Women’s Health, LLC, a midlife, menopause, and sexual health wellness clinic, shared some insight into some things you can do while staying home that will make you healthier. 

The Seven Essential Elements of Daily Success, or SEEDS™, are the “basics habits” that impact how well women will age and feel. Dr. Bitner says they are just as important now as at any other time. 

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