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Use Aerobic Exercise To Burn Fat

In Dr. Peter Attia’s latest book, Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity, he discusses how the right types of exercise can improve health and longevity. He breaks down exercise routines into different “Zones” of activity. Zone 2 is the foundation of aerobic fitness and is the Zone you should strive to train within to lose weight. This week on Fox 17, Dr. Bitner discusses how aerobic Zone 2 exercise burns fat, reduces cholesterol, manages stress, and reduces the risk of diabetes.   

Fact #1: 

Zone 2 training is any steady activity that keeps you at a pace that would allow you to talk but not in complete sentences. You should be sweaty and slightly out of breath. Zone 2 activities are exercises that you could do for several hours.

Fact #2:

Aerobic fitness is essential for healthy longevity. Exercise helps you live longer and better by improving blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and helping your body deal with stress. Aerobic exercise in Zone 2 also helps reduce the risk of diabetes and improve blood sugar control if you already have diabetes.

Fact #3:

Aerobic exercise in Zone 2 teaches your body to use fat as fuel. If one of your goals is to reduce your body fat percentage or lose fat weight, then you have to train in Zone 2 for about 80% of the time you do cardio. As you train in Zone 2 and improve your fitness, your body will learn to burn fat for energy and improve your overall metabolism, leading to weight loss and an improved lean mass.

Patient Story: 

Jane was frustrated at her weight gain from the summer. She was more active but snacked much more, indulging in smores, hot dog buns, and wine. As fall approached, Jane tried to fit into her colder-weather work clothes, which were all too tight! After meeting with our team, she started working out three times a week in Zone 2. Jane also decided to read Dr. Attia’s book, Outlive, to gain more insights after her appointment. Along with exercise, she limited sugar after 4 p.m. Within three weeks, Jane began noticing results and losing one pound weekly!

Health Tip of the Week: 

Think about how much time per week you can commit to exercise. 80% of your exercise routine needs to be in Zone 2 (aerobic exercise), and you should strive for 90 minutes a week. Zone 2 routines help individuals reach a healthy weight and teach their bodies to burn fat. 

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